CipherTooth: Simple Powerful Cyber Security for your Website

Your customers depend on you to protect them when they access your website. HTTPS, or technologies that rely on HTTPS can no longer provide that protection. The solution has to be a technology that does not rely on HTTPS. (For more information on the failure of HTTPS click here.)

CipherTooth is such a technology. CipherTooth can create it’s own encrypted tunnel outside of HTTPS. It can’t be hacked using modern day hacking techniques. Now CipherTooth is using this technology to create a new breed of cyber security products. (For more information on CipherTooth’s technology click here.)


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Provides a Higher Level of Protection

No other cyber security tool available can protect your customer from having their user name and password stolen. A two stage log in will not protect against spoofing if it’s combined with a relay attack. Once the hacker has stolen a customers user name and password they can wreak havoc on their account and on your website, as well as any other website that uses the same username and password. According to chatter on hacker sites, these types of attacks are increasing in popularity because of their effectiveness. SpoofProof, using CipherTooth technology, is the only tool available that detects this type of attack and stops it dead.


Ease of Installation

SpoofProof can be downloaded and installed in a matter of minutes. It was made simple because we know that you have your own business to run and don’t have time to become an internet security expert. We’ll take care of your cyber security so you can focus on your business. See how easy it is.

Try CipherTooth risk-free for 30 days.

Perfect for Small, Medium and Large businesses

SpoofProof is a one-size-fits-all solution. It is light weight enough for the conscientious blogger but powerful enough for a world wide bank. It can be combined with other products or it can stand alone. But don’t take our word for it. (Try it for free now)


Other Products being Developed by CipherTooth

Cyber crime is not going away anytime soon. CipherTooth is already developing other products to help keep you safe.

Wormhole is a way for you to create an non-HTTPS encrypted tunnel from your computer to your bank or credit card website. This is the only safe way for you to send ultra secure information over the internet. Find out more

Pulsar is a way for larger businesses that deal with sensitive information to create multiple encrypted tunnels to all of their customers. This will allow them to provide an new and unprecedented level of protection for the customers. Find out more


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